TOTO trade-fair product catalog app

March 29, 2016

TOTO is Japan’s leading manufacturer of sanitary ware and stands for innovative technology and very high quality products. The high quality also extends to TOTO’s product presentation. In cooperation with Walbert-Schmitz, M-PLY designed and developed an iPad app that shows different content such as videos, PDFs and HTML pages.


Mitsubishi Materials with interactive AR-bar tables

February 29, 2016

MMC Hartmetall complements the Augmented Reality (AR) app developed by M-PLY, with a round table with a graphic on top. The M-PLY designed AR-markers were introduced by the M-PLY developed robot-arm-display. These AR-markers were also used as giveaway cards at the booth and are printed on the layout of the table graphic. This allows the AR-scanner function within the app to be used with the table.


hagebau with motion-based game attraction

February 24, 2016

M-PLY conceived, designed and programmed a game for hagebau (Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG). Hagebau used the game as an attention grabber at their booth at the “Dach + Holz International 2016” trade fair. Our partner Walbert-Schmitz build the booth and integrated the corresponding “play area” with a 3×2 meter LED screen. When people entered the highly visible “play area” they were detected automatically by modern sensors. A complex software recognized the precise positioning and movement of people and transferred them to a 3D character.


Product Showroom App for Mitsubishi Materials

October 15, 2015

M-PLY designed and developed an app for MMC Hartmetall GmbH that is a Group Company of the Japanese Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and European Headquarters of the cutting tools division. Selected products and tools of the company are presented in the app in an unusual and appealing way. The products can be discovered in a virtual way through the augmented reality scanner…


SAP and M-PLY offer unique insights into the FEI European Championship 2015

October 7, 2015

Early 2014 SAP introduced us to their tracking and analysis tool also used in equestrian sports. This technology offers new possibilities of analysis for athletes and also gives spectators and fans new insights and an enhanced experience. M-PLY developed an interface that combines the SAP tracking software with footage recorded in first person from the rider’s perspective. Our interface displays the obtained data such as GPS position, speed and time on a layer on top of the video footage.


Interactive obstacle-course for the FEI European Championship 2015

August 29, 2015

How do you make a modern service that meets the expectations of today’s visitors and fans? And how can you give this service emotion?

M-PLY updated its successful online application for the CICO Event 2015 in Aachen. The online application can be used with computers, smartphones and tablets.


After-event-portal for Neuman & Esser

August 29, 2015

The digitalization of society is an ongoing process that affects almost every area of life and work. Mobile devices, PCs and internet can be found almost everywhere. This change also affects products, services and events.

We created an online portal for our customer Neuman & Esser. This online portal provides information and photos of past events. Registered guests get their own user account that is linked to the events they assisted. A complex system allows this universal portal to provide targeted information for different events and users. The services of the system offer long term binding to the customer and also provide a communication platform. Also the company’s image benefits from such services, as it shows contemporary and progressive thinking. At the same time all the information and photos of events are stored in a safe environment and not abandoned and without control on social media.


Tablet and PC App for Franke

August 20, 2015

In cooperation with Crispy Pictures M-PLY has created an interactive application for PCs, iPads and Android tablets for the company FRANKE. The app has touchscreen functionality for the tablets as well as mouse functionality for the PC. The content is based on 3D animations that showcase the water management system “AQUA 3000 open”. The navigation allows interactive control of the features and benefits of the system. The application is often used in sales and events like trade fairs.


Website and Logo for IBAC from the RWTH Aachen University

August 10, 2015

M-PLY created the corporate design and new website for the Building Research Institute (IBAC) of the RWTH Aachen University. The challenge was to create a modern logo under the new guidelines the RWTH Aachen University set for all its departments. Two shades of blue were used as primary and secondary colors, while a yellow shade served as color distinction. The corporate font was given by the RWTH Aachen University. The logo symbolizes the well-known and distinctive “i” from the previous logo as well as the bonding and joining of construction materials. The logo of the RWTH Aachen University must appear next to each institute’s logo in a predefined size and position.


Real-time-3D touch-app for Seiko Optical

February 26, 2015

SEIKO Optical Europe is a subsidiary of the Japanese SEIKO Corporation. The company specializes in modern eyeglass lenses that are highly customizable to meet individual customer‘s needs. Their offerings include very light, thin and robust solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, even with high corrections. Seiko also offers their partners a lot of services, benefits and materials, which help to sell SEIKO products.


Augmented Reality game for Seiko Optical Europe

February 26, 2015

For Seiko Optical Europe GmbH a new concept had to be created. A concept that would make their trade fair stand accessible, spark the curiosity of the passer-by and that would allow the visitor to get to know the product. As a subsidiary of the Japanese SEIKO Corporation, the Seiko Optical Europe GmbH is specialised in modern eyeglass lenses that are highly customizable to meet individual customer‘s needs.


ROM’s 3D configuration app presentation film

February 9, 2015

Rom is a furniture manufacturer from Belgium and is one of the most technologically advanced companies in their industry. M-PLY made a presentation film in four languages for Rom’s new configuration app. Rom’s technological leadership is not limited to their furniture, it extends to all areas of the company. This also includes the digital configuration of their products on the iPad.


Augmented Reality attraction for Neuman & Esser

December 16, 2014

Neuman & Esser (NEA) is a global operating company. On behalf of NEA, M-PLY created complex and interactive applications to be used at congresses and trade fairs. The challenge in this particular case was to present a lot of information in a reduced space and make it in a clear and concise manner. It became apparent that Augmented Reality was the solution that fulfilled these exact requirements. To make a comprehensive product like this, it required expert 3D visualization and know-how, a lot of custom programming and fundamental knowledge of iOS, Android, Windows and OSX app development. The development was fast and flexible because M-PLY offers all these services “in-house”.


Animations and new design language for ROM

December 2, 2014

ROM is a furniture manufacturer from Belgium, with their cooperation M-PLY designed and produced computer animations and graphics that were used in trade fairs, print media and online. ROM produces high-quality, functional upholstery and has the same high standards for the technology and design they use. The guiding principle of passion:créer stands for the passion with which the company creates its products from the first sketch to the final furniture. This passion is a fundamental drive and characterizes the company influencing their philosophy and their actions.


Neuman & Esser invites to the NEA Mill-Day 2014

September 29, 2014

The company Neuman & Esser celebrates the 25th anniversary of their “Mills” division. The invitations sent are for an in-house event at their headquarters in Übach-Palenberg. An extensive program of lectures and workshops is offered.


Augmented Reality – A technology and its capabilities

September 19, 2014

Passersby, who talk to their glasses. Holograms, which we can feel. Screen contents which react to their observer. People, that look at seemingly plain places. Our reality seems to be expanding, the accustomed perception mixes with virtual doings. A mix developed and is willingly called “augmented reality”. The expansion of our known reality.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-10 um 14.29.46

M-PLY on TV and augmented videos for equestrian sports

August 5, 2014

CHIO Aachen had their annual cross-country competition on the 19th of July 2014. Footage of the event was recorded and then augmented at the M-PLY offices to be presented as films that same afternoon at the CHIO stadium and surrounding grounds. Two camera crews documented the project and filmed the process including the work in our offices.


Interactive browser application for CHIO Aachen

July 8, 2014

CHIO Aachen is considered the most technologically advanced event of its kind. The World Equestrian Festival offers fans and riders the opportunity to use different online applications and apps related to the event. The interactive online application for the cross country parkour was created by Stefan Hardebusch, Timo Hofknecht and Felix Simonsen. They´ve been doing this application for several years, the only difference is that this year they appeared in a new constellation under the names M-PLY and Crispy Pictures. The concept, design and programming of the application was done by M-PLY, all animations and still images were created in close collaboration between M-PLY and Crispy Pictures.


Article about the interactive browser application for CHIO Aachen 2014

July 7, 2014

We programmed the interactive cross country course application for the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. M-PLY didn’t just develop the application, but also made the graphics and 3D content in cooperation with Crispy Pictures. A direct quote from Felix Simonsen and Stefan Hardebusch can be found in the current issue of “Super Sonntag”.


Responsive design in the internet and software developement

April 30, 2014

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 to the market, this was the initial impetus for a fundamental change in our society. Similar to the development of the “home computer”, the smartphone is changing our life and work. The networked computer in our pocket, is a digital extension of our perception and environment. The weather for the next few hours, the latest news, the next takeaway or train schedules (including delays and changes) are accessed in a few seconds. Calendars, contacts, e-mails, messenger and telephone link and organize ourselves in real time, new steps and kilometres can be counted, soon also our pulse and blood pressure (SmartWatch).

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